COOLTEX fibers have non-circular cross section. Having several channels in the cross sections of the fibers, help them increase the wicking properties of the fibers and moisture transport from skin to the surface of the textiles. Hydrophilic nanoparticles improve the performance of the textiles to absorb and transport water from perspiration more quickly. Evaporation is an endothermic reaction, therefore, the needed heat for the evaporation of the moisture on skin is provided by human's skin. That’s why the temperature of the skin will be less after this product.
Features of COOLTEX yarn:
• Increasing the wicking properties of the fibers
• Spreading the moisture on the surface of the textiles and fast drying of them
• Air ventilation and moisture management in textiles
• Improvement in heat and moisture transfer caused by nanoparticles
Textiles which are produced by COOLTEX yarn will feel more comfortable by keeping human's skin cold and dry.
COOLTEX Nylon 6 fibers are produced in two modes with tetra and hexa channels cross-section.


COOLTEX Nylon 6 fibers are available in the following denier and colors at the customer's request.